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01 Portfolio Websites

This type of website is suitable for small businesses and individuals offering goods and services on a small scale, with a limited range of products.

02 Ecommerce

This is the ideal solution for stores and companies with a wide range of products or services, especially those looking to sell online around the clock.

03 Our Recommendation

We believe that businesses of all sizes can benefit from a comprehensive portfolio e-commerce website. In this digital age, it's a dependable solution, and we're here to make this vision a reality.

The difference between static and dynamic websites

This article examines the difference between static and dynamic websites and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is Static Websites

Static websites are characterized by their unchanging nature, lacking the flexibility for extensive design modifications. They primarily serve as basic contact information hubs, offering limited visual versatility. These sites lack database functionalities, thereby restricting options for providing services or facilitating sales. As a result, static websites are not recommended for businesses in today's dynamic digital landscape. rather, they are mainly employed for informational purposes on the internet..

What is Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites stand in stark contrast to their static counterparts, as they offer a dynamic and adaptable online presence. While they are designed and built initially, the true power lies in their capacity to undergo frequent changes, additions, and deletions. The website owners can take control with ease, utilizing management software to effect modifications without relying on a website designer. These sites open up a plethora of possibilities, such as creating diverse galleries showcasing products or services through photos and videos, incorporating a blog section for regular content updates, or setting up an online store to directly sell products or services. The use of various interactive elements further elevates their visual appeal, making dynamic websites a powerful choice for modern digital ventures.

Advantages of static sites

High display speed

High speed of construction due to lack of complexity

Low start-up cost

Advantages of dynamic sites

The possibility of any change and personalization or adding or subtracting at any time even after the site is built

The possibility of using the management panel by the site owner without the need for a website designer

Many possibilities for SEO site. (Read this article to learn about SEO)

Disadvantages of static sites

The possibility of change is not easily possible

It is not possible to add different modules such as stores, bank portals, etc

They usually have a very simple and unattractive appearance

Disadvantages of dynamic sites

Lower construction speed compared to statics

Higher construction cost than statics

Need more resources than statics


In conclusion, the comparison between static and dynamic websites reveals distinct advantages and limitations for each. While static sites have a one-time launch and lack user-editing capabilities, dynamic websites offer the convenience of management panels that enable easy modifications to content, products, and services. The visual appeal of dynamic sites is undeniable, with the freedom to incorporate various audio and visual media elements.

In today's digital landscape, where audience engagement and user experience are paramount, dynamic websites undoubtedly hold an edge. Their interactive nature and flexibility empower businesses and individuals to stay relevant, attract audiences, and ultimately boost sales. With the ability to adapt and evolve over time, dynamic websites present a compelling case for any aspiring online venture.

Considering all factors, our strong recommendation lies in favor of dynamic websites. By opting for a dynamic website, you gain the potential to significantly enhance your product or service sales, leveraging the full power of a modern, engaging, and user-friendly online platform.

Mobile Friendly

With mobile devices being ubiquitous nowadays, we've prioritized creating a fully mobile-friendly website alongside the desktop version. Moreover, being mobile-friendly is crucial for Google SEO, as per the latest updates.

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First of all, we should know that all the sites designed by Shahsa Group are completely dynamic. This means that any changes are possible for all 3 website models offered by us.

All packages come with 3 months of completely free support, which includes updates, minor changes, checking security conditions and answering your questions after the training.

Shahsa, by using all new Cyber security methods for all packages, will guarantee the absence of security bugs.

This issue completely depends on different parameters, but according to the ideal conditions, 3 days are required for the basic package, one week for the pro package and 20 days for the premium package.

This training will be provided in a completely personalized way for your system and website, and the training is not prepared in advance, with these conditions, for basic sites, the training will include adding and subtracting pages, texts, and photos, and checking the site update conditions. And we will have the security and the number of visitors, and for the next packages, all these things, including adding and removing products, creating discounts, etc.

The use of Google Ad requires site preparation, and after the completion of the project, Shahsa experts will check the conditions with you. If your Website and you are ready, necessary measures will be taken.